Monday, 30 March 2009

Scrap Pack

Well seeing this was the final scrappack ever I decided to write about it.

I discovered the scrappack challenge on in May last year. Basically you pay $8 to receive a bag of mixed goodies, some scrap booking stuff, some not. We have had some really interesting goodies over the last year. In 1 way or another you have to use every item on your LO and the only thing you may add is paper, glue, ink and paint. About half the money you send covers the items and the rest goes into the prize fund.

Sadly due to the happy fact that our leader is expecting, the scrap pack can no longer carry on.

Here are the items which were in the March Scrappack:

This is my March scrappack LO:

This is what I did with the pack items:

silver heart charm - Is upside down in the binder at the top of the lighthouse. floss - Used as waves in the sea and also in the hidden journalling tag. buttons - 1 big white one at the top of the light house in the clip, the other 14 are scattered on the seashore as rocks. confetti hearts - painted black and used to decorate the sails of the boat. map - inked brown and cut into boulders on the seashore. index divider - painted white and used to make the lighthouse. tea bag - The tea is used as the sand on the shore and the bag was cut to make the clouds. shipping tags and wire - the first 1 was used to make the sails of the boat and the wire is the ropes, the second tag was used for hidden journalling and the wire to make the rays of light from the lighthouse. binder clip - painted white and used at the top of the lighthouse. sandpaper - Used to make the boat, the roof of the lighthouse and also for scratching along the bottom of the photo

Here are some close ups of the making of the lighthouse and boat:

I won second place for most creative, sadly no prizes for second place lol