Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Prelude and gift boxes

Seeing Liam was at home all week I decided that doing some Easter crafts together would be fun. The first thing we did, which was a great success was to turn a paper plate into a bunny. We were so pleased with our bunny we didn't let the paint totally dry before taking this photo :)

Or next job was to set out making cards for his 5 grannies (3 of them are great grannies) and his teachers. I drew the outline of eggs onto shrink plastic and he then decorated them with permanent markers. Once we had shrunk them we attached them to cards and added paper, pompoms, gems... pretty much what ever Liam could lay his hands on that I allowed.

These cute chickens arrived as a kit from my Mom. They are suppose to be for decorating real eggs, but I decided chocolate eggs were a better idea. Each piece is stuck to the egg with a sticky foam dot. I helped Liam with the first couple and then let him get on with it and some of them looked very funny, but he had a lot of fun.

Gift Boxes

These could be made for any occasion. Decide how big you want your gift box to be. You can make it from scratch or like I did by cutting the bottom off an existing box (Great way to recycle lol )

Choose papers suitable to the occasion and then tear them into pieces. I use normal craft glue and mix it with water. I paint the watery glue onto the box and the stick the papers on. As I stick the papers I paint over the top of them as well. It ensures they are well stuck as well as giving it a shiny finish. Leave to dry completely.

Fill the boxes with what ever treats you like arranging them nicely. Cover the whole box with plastic and secure with sellotape underneath. The photo below shows 2 different size boxes both done in the same way.

After I had filled the boxes they looked empty so i decide to bake some biscuits which didn't go according to plan and took me late into the night. TIP - try all the contents of your box in the box before you start decorating.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!