Saturday, 6 February 2010

Scrapping with a Toddler

Last weekend we worked as a family to create my 4 year old's first ever school project, he loved doing it and is so proud of his rocket. Ever since we made it he has been asking to make a LO, he has no interest at all in any form of art, drawing, painting... but for some reason does enjoy making a LO from time time so I try to encourage it.

I did all the cutting and placed the basic structure, he then glued everything (he finds my roller glue very exciting) and placed the stickers, he chose the title and we stuck the letters down together and he wrote his name on a piece of card which I included in the LO. Last but not least he had great fun (with help) blinging up the sea creatures with stickles. The stickers and letters are left over from my younger son's birthday party, they had been used for decorating the party boxes, and were also used to decorate the rocket.


  1. Wow! Pink, Bling and old stash. Sorted. A fantastic LO which will always hold happy memories for Liam. Thanks for being such a great teamie and sharing your beautiful boys with us :-)

  2. oh janet this is wonderful! Liam did a fabulous job!! probably because he has a fab teachermom!!! hugs xx